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You need a book.

I will help you to write it.

As a professional public speaker and an expert in your field, you already know that you need a book if you don’t already have one.

  • for professional credibility
  • for  back-of-the-room sales
  • to transform your life

As your book coach and editor, I work closely with you, listening and responding, while you write the book that is already inside you. I guide you past your head trips and fears, using my unique 13 steps to successful writing. When the final draft of your manuscript is ready and before you submit it, I edit it.

When I edit, I go beyond mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Any editor can do that.

I tighten sentences, smooth transitions, cut the fat from wordy sentences, help you to rearrange tangled thoughts, and ask questions that make you delve into your knowledge bank to provide more value for your readers.

If you choose to publish independently, I will guide you along the path to publication, referring you to experts to handle necessary skills that are beyond my ability.

And if you choose to publish with a company other than your own, I will provide, for free, expert contract and negotiation advice based on my over thirty years as a book contract adviser with the National Writers Union. [Hint: For the free contract advice, you’ll have to join the Union first.]

Writing is a powerful tool. In my own life, I have taken on and beaten the city of Syracuse, a window company, numerous landlords, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and many others just by writing letters. I am ready to teach you how to wield the power of writing.

Call me today at 734 635 0577 or email me at to arrange an appointment.                

Join me for your writing adventure.

Ken Wachsberger, founder
Azenphony Press Writing and Editing
734 635 0577;

Azenphony Press, PO Box 130884, Ann Arbor, MI 48113-0884;; (734) 635-0577

Privacy policy: If you give us personal information to buy books, we will not sell it to anybody else.

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