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Do you need a book coach?

You’ve got a book in you. I know you do. I can feel it. And I’ll bet you can, too, if you let go of the crazy reasons why you think you can’t write one: You’re not a good writer. You don’t know enough about the subject. No one will buy it. It won’t be interesting. You don’t have time.

Yes, you do. I can guide you on your journey.

Let’s talk. Contact me today.

And while you’re here, check out my books.

The true story of a Belgian Jew who flees to southern France with his family when the Nazis invade, poses as a Christian, and joins the French Resistance to fight Hitler’s Nazis

your partner has breast cancer: The Cancer Book

Finally: Support for the breast cancer support person

Also from Ken Wachsberger, the “indefatigable underground-press chronicler”: the updated and expanded Voices from the Underground Series. Order now.

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